All I Know


What a brilliant mind
I loved to debate
Reason impeccable
Nothing escaped

People would come
Seeking an answer
I would oblige
Heart filled with pride

Yet I struggled
With pain unbearable
Thoughts inescapable
I begged for help

Brought before the One
I was told to surrender
So that I may be shown
The light of my being

My mind said:
How could you have what you don’t already know?
Love answered:
Be silent so you may experience the Truth

In my quiet
I was moved deep within
A world full of treasures
Love, Peace and Truth

Everyday I’m shown some more
When reason objects
I laugh
My heart knows what’s true

And since that day
All has changed
Now, when they ask
I answer:
I only know surrender

Love is Blind

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Love is truly blind
It sees no difference
Between family and stranger
Nor friend or foe

It says: I am the Sun
A mercy to the world
Shining my light on all
Saint and sinner alike

Become, my friend
A heart of love
Filled with compassion
That brims and overflows

So those of hatred
May drown in love
And be converted
To its beauty
And born anew

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Singing Heart


Im in love with holy silence
And its heavenly melody
Consumed within the quiet
The music of Life stirs within
In the waters of soundless sound
All evil is cleansed from me

A Love song birthed creation
And in song we can all return
This is the strength of prayer
The power of the Heart
One that sings in remembrance
Is awake and aware
With a Heart that is peaceful
For it is a Heart that is Home


I would like to thank YOU ALL for your kind words of comfort, prayers, and help when over a year’s worth of my work was gone!! I really really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart :)



Hello my dear friends,

Im happy and grateful to announce the publication of my new book ‘Finally Back Home’. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook form at the following link:

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I would like to thank all of you. It is your constant presence and encouragement here that led to the publication of ‘Finally Back Home.’ In particular, I would like to thank Laura at without whom this book would have never come into fruition

As always, Sending my love and prayers to you all!!

Irfaan ‘Ihsan’ Jaffer

In These Arms


You’re my priceless jewel
A gift from the most Divine
Let me keep you safe
Wrapped up in these arms
Where no person can steal you
O’ prize of my heart


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Guiding Star


What is this world?
A whisper in an open meadow
Alive for a moment
Disappearing into air

What are you?
A ray that emanates
From an eternal Light
Born of a fire
That needs no oil or wood

Listen my child
All thats happened
Is but a gentle reminder
That you were made to
Surrender in patient faith

Tilt your face
To the place of prayer
And give yourself up
In both
Humility and trust

Do this.
Unveil the guiding star
On this journey you walk
So when the darkness comes
You’ll see the light
And know the way