Cheap Words


I don’t want a penny for your thoughts
A single cent is worth more than that
How cheap are words we speak
We crawl in dirt and talk of skies

I’m lost in a world
My mouth opens not
Still I sing this song
It’s Love that makes me move

Inside we are one
Come and join me here
In this house of God
We dance through the night

Sipping Truth from Beauty’s cup
Nothing else will suffice
The words that you hear
Will fall at your feet
And crumble into dust

Your Sunrise


Keep silent the speaking mind
With hearts like the rising sun
A beauty so splendid it blinds
What is human but sacred light?

Never will you cage the sun
How has the darkness come?
Hiding in the shade
It is we who make our tombs

Escape from the shadow of doubt
If you wish to know your truth
Climb the ladder of Being
You’ll become what you are

On the journey from truth to truth
Let virtue live within
Let beauty spread around
Let prayer make you move

Don’t be stuck here and there
Everything should move as one
The way of peace and balance
Knowing the truth of things

Having knowledge of the sun
Knowing it waits inside
Born to displace the night
Quietly watch the miracle

The sunrise within

Journey Within


Its time for the journey within
It calls but you’ve placed it on hold
Dazed by the glitter of this world
Forgetful of where you came from

Throw your excuses to the sky
Its time for the journey within
Kick open all your prison doors
Freedom waits on the other side

Let your desires and mind sleep
Surrender yourself to the One
Its time for the journey within
A world of treasures awaits you

Become one with the Peace you crave
Become one with the Light you are
Become the Love that gave you birth
Its time for the journey within


My first Quatern:)

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The Dance of Artistry


The essence, yes, the essence
This is where the Truth lies
All forms contain a Beauty
The mysterious dance of artistry

Each Beauty a Divine Quality
This is the beatific Face of ‘HE’
The flame facing all directions
But with what eyes do we see?

Why do you stand up straight?
Please tell me what this means
The body symbolizes transcendance
Fly up! Disappear into Reality

Look at the two sexes
They participate in Divinity
She is His Infinite Love
He is His Absolute Unity

In the Celestial World of Archetypes
Together, they embrace as One
Far Beyond and deep within
YOU are a whole human being

Wholeness is holy-ness
No pieces or separation
A whisper of Sacred union
The disappearance of polarity

All this, while you worry about..?
O’ world, how well you deceive!
Consuming us in trivial matters
While we forget what we were born to be

The essence, yes, the essence
This is where the Truth lies
All forms contain a Beauty
The mysterious dance of artistry


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Nature Brings me Life


Nature revives my soul to life
Sitting under the smiling sun
Lying on a warm bed of grass
Singing hymns with blooming flowers

When I feel the darkness spreading
Nature revives my soul to life
My arms spread wide as the ocean
The breeze carries me to heaven

I dance my heart out in the rain
Soaked in mercy from head to toe
Nature revives my soul to life
I laugh out loud and thank the skies

The face of beauty everywhere
The world full of splendid light
Whenever I feel dead inside
Nature revives my soul to life

Beauty Everywhere


Watch where your feet land
God is hidden in the world
Do not step upon the flower
The fragrance of the Sacred

It doesn’t matter where you look
The face of Beauty everywhere
The world is a temple
Where patience teaches peace

What does it mean to be human?
Stirred of divinity and dust
It’s not difficult to choose
Is bronze the same as gold?

Do not become Truth and Beauty
How can you become what you are?
Dust has settled on your heart
Dance, just dance and shake it off

Smile my dearest Love
All these worries aren’t you
Be clear and still like the river
And see how the Divine is reflected in you

Always Remember


Your heart is speaking
Do you hear it calling?
Whispering softly:
‘Don’t lose yourself in this world
Always Remember
You are an eternal soul
Forged from a most sacred light
Never forget that
You’ve been born with wings to fly
Let the winds of Grace take you
Deep within your hallowed self
And up through celestial skies’