Love is Life


The universe breathes the air of love,
And so it exists in dance and song,
The heavens beneath and those above,
The ecstatic rhythm beats so strong.

Cascading Melody of Cosmic Time,
Singing in the Vast Unknown,
Soothes my Soul with Melodious Rhyme
As Starlight Rains from Heaven’s Throne.

What else but Love could move such things,
The power of life, gentle and warm,
All of Nature and Heaven Rings,
Those who love fear not storms.

Yet Life may turn upon the Blade,
Dreams may unravel by ruse and guile,
Wandering Amidst the Masquerade,
My Love Seeks Yours to Rest and Smile.

Love, then, is Life and Life is Love,
When Abiding in Grace Above


Image credit:

This work was written in collaboration with Morgan at She has also, written a dark version in response to this peice that you can find on her blog.

Not only has she encouraged and helped me with my writing she is one of the kindest souls I have met on this site. I should also mention her poetry is absolutely beautiful. I definitely recommend checking out her blog and following. You won’t be disappointed! A BIG thank you to Morgan:)


  1. Love is and always will be the one thing that can make a difference in every facet of our existence. Keep spreading it.


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